Local Area Guide For Santa Barbara Vacation Rental Guests – Insider Santa Barbara Travel Tips

Now that you’ve decided to enjoy Santa Barbara, what’s next? How do you plan to spend your time here? Where can you mix and mingle with the locals? What you need is a native to give you the kind of useful insider tips only local knowledge can give.Whether you are interested in dining, seafood, shopping, art, ocean, hiking, antiquing, wineries or farmers markets, we’ve got you covered. And to get your custom-tailored vacation tips, contact your vacation concierge.Local Area Guide for Vacation Rental Guests: Insider Travel Tip #1 – Sunday Treat: Every Sunday afternoon Cold Springs Tavern, a tucked away restaurant/bar on the way to wine country, features live music, a colorful assortment of characters and the best tri-tip sandwiches in town. Take Hwy. 101 to Hwy. 154, drive up the mountain to the top, then one mile down the valley side turn toward Stagecoach Road. Then take a direct onto Stagecoach Road and go down the canyon for about 1.5 miles to the Tavern.Local Area Guide for Vacation Rental Guests: Insider Travel Tip #2 – Beautiful Beach Combing: Butterfly Beach in Montecito is one of the prettiest beaches in town. Take the Olive Mill exit from Hwy. 101 and take Olive Mill west toward the ocean, Olive Mill becomes Channel Drive. After you pass the Four Seasons Resort on your right, begin looking for parking.Local Area Guide for Vacation Rental Guests: Insider Travel Tip #3 – Enjoy a Seafood Feast: If you want to create a seafood feast at your vacation rental home, go to Kanaloa Seafood for the freshest, highest quality fish available. From Hwy. 101 take the Garden exit up to Haley, take a right on Haley, another right on Quarantina, and another right on Gutierrez. Kanaloa is located at 618 E. Gutierrez, on your left hand side.Local Area Guide for Vacation Rental Guests: Insider Travel Tip #4 – The Happiest Happy Hour in Santa Barbara: The Boathouse restaurant on Hendry’s Beach offers a great happy hour. Watch the surfers and the sunset while you wash down your pulled pork sliders with a cold beverage. Take the Las Positas exit and head towards the ocean, continue straight until you hit the T in the road, and take a right at Cliff Drive and pull into the parking lot on your left.Local Area Guide for Vacation Rental Guests: Insider Travel Tip #5 – A Hike Everyone Will Like: If you’re in the mood for some outdoor activity, Seven Falls hiking trail offers amazing views and swimming pools. Drive past the Mission towards Foothill Rd., take a right on Foothill and a left on Mission Cyn. Rd. Take a left on Tunnel Rd. and drive all the way up. Follow the trail signs from the trailhead and don’t forget to bring your water and good walking shoes.Local Area Guide for Vacation Rental Guests: Insider Travel Tip #6 – Set Your Sail for Adventure: Take a cruise aboard the Double Dolphin catamaran or Sunset Kidd sailboat. You might spot whales and you will likely see dolphins, but the beautiful coastline views are guaranteed.Local Area Guide for Vacation Rental Guests: Insider Travel Tip #7 – Enjoy the Santa Barbara Wharf Experience: Stearn’s Wharf is a quintessential Santa Barbara experience. Take a walk down the pier and head to the Shellfish Company. With indoor and outdoor seating, nearby fishermen and the smell of the sea, this historic locale is the perfect setting for your lobster taco meal.Local Area Guide for Vacation Rental Guests: Insider Travel Tip #8 – Meet Local Artists: The Cabrillo Beach Show is a weekly arts & crafts show that runs along East Beach every Sunday. Enjoy a colorful, leisurely stroll and pick up some quirky local art.Local Area Guide for Vacation Rental Guests: Insider Travel Tip #9 – Go Gallery Hopping: The first Thursday of every month all the local galleries open their doors to the public, often featuring music, snacks or drinks.Local Area Guide for Vacation Rental Guests: Insider Travel Tip #10 – Discover New Antiques: Summerland is a quaint, seaside town just south of Santa Barbara that has a variety of antique shops. The Summerland Antique Collective across from the freeway onramp is our favorite. 2192 Ortega Hill Rd., Summerland, CA 93067 Open every day 10-5. Phone: 805-565-3189. Then head to the Nugget afterward for lunch or dinner.Local Area Guide for Vacation Rental Guests: Insider Travel Tip #11 – Wine and Dine Your Way through Santa Barbara: Carr Winery http://www.carrwinery.com/, located at 414 N. Salsipuedes St. in Santa Barbara, opens their doors every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night from 5 pm to midnight, offering wine tasting and live music. The Santa Barbara Urban Wine Trail includes a variety of other wineries, all within biking distance of each other. If you fall in love with a specific winery, be sure to join their wine club. You will then be eligible for greater access to savings as well as receiving select varietals before they are released to the public. If you can’t wait to open up your new favorite wine, purchase a couple bottles at the tasting room and bring them back to your Santa Barbara vacation rental.Local Area Guide for Vacation Rental Guests: Insider Travel Tip #12 – Taste Mouthwatering Treats at the Santa Barbara Farmer’s Market: Santa Barbara’s Local Farmers Market is a great place to stock up on produce, artisan cheeses, flowers and much more to enjoy in your Santa Barbara vacation rental. The Tuesday afternoon market takes place on State St. between Ortega and Gutierrez, and the Saturday morning market takes place in a large parking lot on Santa Barbara St., between Ortega and Cota.The real benefit of a rental Santa Barbara vacation home is not just the great price (although it provides tremendous value to guests, often half the cost of a luxury hotel), but a vacation rental concierge or someone with local knowledge who can help you every step along the way, offering supportive assistance and invaluable information about all that our fine region has to offer. These tips are just a starting point to planning the perfect Santa Barbara vacation custom tailored just for you.

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General Information Regarding Current Mortgage Loans

Mortgage loans are a type of loan meant to finance the purchase of a home, with a specified repayment period and interest rates. The home on which it is taken out often serves as the collateral, with interest and other costs running typically over 15 to 30 years. The lender may be a bank, financial company or private agency and they use the legal documents of the house in question to determine the interest rate.There are various places to use as starting point when sourcing for this type of loan. There are lenders websites with this type of loans as their specialty, and you may also walk into a financial house that deals with mortgages and get needed information. You will be provided with information like the rate of interest charged which will enable an individual to compare with other lenders.A form may be issued for the applicant to fill out. It may contain information like the purpose of the loan, estimate of home value, credit history, current monthly income, borrower contact details and the amount needed. This also prepares the applicants mind on what to expect.There are various types of mortgage loans available for home buyers, but the popular ones are the fixed rate, adjustable rate and interest only mortgages. Listed below is what they are all about.Fixed Rate Mortgage: This is suitable for people who are going to live in the home for a very long time. It has a fixed interest rate as the name suggests for the entire loan period. This means that interest here remains the same as long as the loan is on.The interest payments are paid up-front, so that only a small amount of money is needed to clear the principal during the first few years of the loan term. One of the main benefits of this is that it offers the lowest monthly payment when compared to others.Adjustable Rate Mortgage: This is most beneficial to people who always shift their homes and want low interest rate. Here, the interest is fixed for a certain number of years, and then it changes every year afterwards. After the initial fixed-interest period, the rate will adjust based on a predetermined agreement.Interest Only Mortgage: It is structured like an adjustable mortgage, and it allows a buyer to pay only the interest for the first few years of the loan. The payment may be based on only the interest rate, so the principal is not paid down. Interest only is most beneficial to buyers who believe their income will increase in years to come.There are various reasons why people choose to own a home, like they get to pay cheaper monthly fees with the prospect of finally becoming home owners. Another reason is to build equity which gives them the right to live in the home. They may also be trying to establish credit records, as on-time payments will help build a higher credit score.There are many options available for mortgage loans but the important thing is to do accurate research. Be sure to understand the contract and make sure you are not missing out any vital information, as this may backfire. With an organized approach, an individual can sail through the loan application process and get the needed approval to make the dream of a new home, a reality.

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Learn From a Photography Course

If you love taking pictures and are interested in how you can improve your photos, you may want to investigate a nearby photography course. Whether at a community college or a university, or even one just offered at a camera store, there are many things that any hobbyist or even a professional can learn from taking a photography course.For example, suppose you take pictures mostly while you’re on vacation, and you love nature, landscapes, and wildlife. When you’re enjoying a great sunset in person, you realize that the photos you took just don’t seem to do the view justice. A photography course can critique these pictures and tell you ways to improve. In most landscape pictures, many amateurs forget to apply the Rule of Thirds, that is, to have three distinct parts to their picture. If you just take a picture of the setting sun, your photo might be just too much red or orange. There is nothing that stands out, and your picture looks like the front of a jigsaw puzzle box. However, by applying the Rule of Thirds, you’ll know to adjust your angle so that you get some of the land, the sunset, and some untouched sky in the photo as well – three distinct elements help to offset each one so that they stand out more. A basic photography course will of course show you examples of what this means and point out how to apply this simply technique to your own photos.Another basic lesson taught in a photography course is how to break up your color and add more contrast. Using that same example of a sunset, if you just have reds and oranges in your photo, you won’t notice anything in particular. There are just too many bright colors all in one spot. If you adjust your angle or even wait until the sun has set a bit more so that there is less color in the sky, that contrast of the colors will make them that much more outstanding. Your photography course will again have good and bad examples of what this means. Think of it as trying to put together an outfit. If you have too many elements of one design such as stripes or a pattern, the outfit is too busy. But by having one outstanding piece such as a patterned shirt worn against plain pants and under a plain jacket, then you don’t seem overwhelmed and the outfit seems less busy.These are just some basic techniques that anyone can learn in a good standard photography course. It’s always best to see these examples in person, as it’s sometimes hard to understand what’s being meant just with the printed word. Make sure you see examples of the lesson plans for any photography course you’re considering signing up for, and ask for examples of the work of the instructor so that you know you’re going to get your money’s worth for the class.

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